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majestylordbastard replied to your post: anonymous asked:I have a crush on…

or you can introduce eunice to him and then he dumps his current gf and then THATS YOUR CHANCE TO STRIKE


Anonymous I have a crush on a classmate. We're in the same major so I see him around every once in a while. My friends (same major) talk to him and pretty much everyone talks to each other. I know he's in a relationship and my goal is not to date him, but I do want to get to know him. I'm pretty sure that I won't even like him anymore. But I don't think it's a good idea. What do you think?

Hmm well if he’s your crush, then I’m sure you do have some desire to date him - there’s nothing wrong with befriending him, but it could possibly lead to a lot of problems in the future. You say you won’t like him anymore, but there’s also the chance that you will continue to like him which could possibly lead to heartbreak for you (since he’s in a relationship). Of course there’s no harm is making a new friend and I’m sure he’s a really great guy, but there’s that chance that you can get hurt so the negatives can outweigh the positives :(

Anonymous my three months with my boyfriend is this sunday and i was wondering if you could help me think of something to get him? i asked him what he wanted and he said something he could keep for a long time but im lost for ideas ><

Soo I tried to get some opinions from guys I know and


I hit a dead end.

But hmmm when I get gifts for people, unless they specifically asked for something in the past, I tend to stray away from the common gifts like clothes and go for more unique things - I’ve gotten gifts from this store - though it’s a little on the expensive side. There’s a lot of cute random things that might give you an idea too ~ But if there’s anything specific he’s really into like reading, or if he likes animals or if there’s any little things you remember him saying he liked, then you can go off those.

But it’s only a 3 month anniversary - no need to make it something huge! Even just going on a cute date would be enough I think ~ because memories last a lifetime ^^ Unless you get amnesia or something- I’m ruining this aren’t I-
I literally have no experience with relationships soooo I’m kind of a bad person to ask b-but I hope I help ;;
YOU’RE SO CUTE THOUGH I HOPE YOU AND YOUR BOYFRIEND STAY TOGETHER A LONG LONG TIME and I expect updates on your 4th month anniversary, and 7th month and 1 year and I want wedding invitations and-

Anonymous you look nothing like Suzy, but you're still very pretty ^^

Thank youu ^^

Anonymous Jajajaja sorry if that bothers you is just that you really look like Suzy. Anyways I'm your fan I love the things that you post :)

Noo why would it bother me?? I’m super flattered ;___; thank you so muchhhh omg

Anonymous I'm so jelly of you ahah, you look more like Suzy than Tiffany but you look great just how you are tbh :p

There’s nothing to be jelly of LOL I DONT LOOK LIKE ANYONE OK IM JUST A DERP. But thank you so much ;___;