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Anonymous im aromantic but ive found that i am able to crush on guys for a very short time and then it goes away. to be honest i hate being aromantic because long-term relationships look so cute and im told that im going to 'grow up and get married to a nice guy' but i cant feel that romantic attraction and it makes me feel bad

Hmm I’m actually not too familiar with aromanticism (sorry T T) but from what I do know there’s absolutely no need to feel bad especially about something like who or how you are attracted to (or not attracted to) someone. MAN HONESTLY MARRIAGE IS OVERRATED. Smelling their same smelly smell for all your life da hell kinda existence is that LOL I’m kidding (I think). But I mean we all have aspects of ourselves that we want to change but when it’s an aspect that makes up who we are as a person, the best thing to do is to embrace it and discover for ourselves what it is that makes us happy ~ hope that makes sense somewhat…talkin at 4am about a topic I’m very uneducated about ;-; also my friend is mad at me for some reason and I’m stressin out uGH.

Anonymous so i thought i found the perfect girl because she was most down-to-earth coolest friend i ever had and thus, asked her out. However, it ended up that she wasn't ready for any relationship and things just turned out so awkward that we stop talking afterward for a really long time. But now when i think back about all those memories with her as a friend, i kinda wanted become her friend once again. so should i talk to her once again or just move on?

of course you should try to talk to her. I’m sure she treasures the time you spent together too. But at the same time just be open to the possibility that she won’t be as receptive to your idea of wanting to be friends (can’t really say a lot without knowing the nature of your friendship/relationship). But I mean if you miss her then there’s no harm in contacting her again. Who knows how things could turn out ^^

Anonymous I like this oppa I work with but I don't know how to do the 'having a crush' thing. Do I talk more with him? Do I tell him? What doooo

uhh yea, talk to him, get to know him better, let him get to know you better and just go with the flow ~ it’s best if things just naturally happen instead of forcing it but idk about telling him because I’ve never actually confessed before so i dunno how that works LOL. 

Anonymous You're single?? Does that mean I have a chance? ;D

oh my

Anonymous are u on omegle?? what are ur interests??

not anymore I stopped a little while ago *_*

Anonymous Heyaa Eu-chan. Would you survive an apocolypse? If you are given a knife and a bat, atleast. With a partner of your choice. Would you be able to survive Massive snowstorm as well?

i’ve actually discussed this with my friends and we all came to the conclusion that I’m the weakest link (i get scared easily and i panic a lot) so basically i would be used as bait to ensure the survival of the pack- 
but yea really, i get really scared so i cant do anything even if i do have a knife or weapon, heLL GIVE ME A GUN AND ILL JUST WAIL AND SWING IT AROUND LIKE A MANIAC. I like snow though so maybe i can survive that as long as there’s no zombies

im so horribly bored i think im gonna die